Ever since I moved to Barcelona, I continue to receive many requests for travel recommendations around the city for those of you and your friends who are planning a visit. So today, I’m happy to finally present to you mine blog. 



Barcelona, the enchanting capital of Catalonia, Spain, is a city that seamlessly weaves together rich history, breathtaking architecture, and a lively contemporary culture. From the iconic landmarks to the charming neighborhoods, every corner of Barcelona tells a story of its own.I will show you the best gifts that you can buy in Barcelona.

Barcelona Spain

The best gifts from Barcelona

Catalan Ceramic Artifacts: Handcrafted ceramic items inspired by traditional Catalan designs make for a wonderful gift. These items may include colorful plates, glasses, or even art pieces.


Barcelona is home to some of the most delicious chocolates globally.

Gift a loved one or yourself an elegant box of chocolates from Cacao Sampaka, where chocolate artisans present unique flavors.

Traditional Flamenco Dance Costum

For something more authentic, gift a traditional flamenco dance costume. This unique and beautiful style can be worn at special events or even displayed as an art piece at home.

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